The begining of my journey into RC world

How did I start this hobby? As a man, RC is kind a childhoold dream. I've start looking into this hobby for about 1 month ago.
But considering the price, I kept canceling my plan to hop into this hobby. Until about 2 months ago I saw the advertisment from Hobbyking about the bellow transmitter.

It's Turnigy 9x, a 9 channels computerized transmitter, the price was so tempting, less than $40. I knew that branded Tx like Futaba, Spectrum, JR, etc priced more than $100.
Well Turnigy 9x is unknown brand, made in china, of course the price is so cheap.

But the price is so tempting, so I do seach on google about this Radio. It was a surprise for me that many people in Australia, US and Europe are talking about this Radio.

I also read a review from Bruce Simpson about this Radio, he was veteran in RC hobby with more than 40 years experience in the hobby, and he gave good feedback on this Radio.

Here is the radio with lots of modification:

1. Move the built in 2.4 Ghz Antenna to the module so, this radio become pure modular radio.
2. A cable use for FrSky telemetry data when using FrSky telemetry module, the telemetry information will be shown in the built in LCD.
3. Programming cable hid inside battery compartment, and using 1500mah Life battery (upto 1 week baterry life). The programming cable use to upgrade the firmware or backup / restore model settings.

3. The splash screen during start-up, is that my name? You can even change the logo.

 And more about the Radio later.....