Digico SD9 Open Sound Control protocol

As an effort to control our Digico SD9 mixing console via other devices, I start to sniff the communication between our console and an Ipad. Below is my notes on the communication protocol:

  1. Using UDP, port 8000 (From SD9 to Ipad), port 9000 (From Ipad to SD9). The port can be change in the console via External Control window.
  2. It is using OSC (Open Sound Control) http://opensoundcontrol.org/introduction-osc
    OSC is a simple protocol, it consist of Address / Namespace like "/Console/Group_Outputs/modes/?" and array of values.
  3. Namespace ended with "?" is a Query, ussually send by Ipad to SD9 to ask some information:
    like : "/Console/Name/?" means Ipad ask the console name and SD9 will reply with another OSC message like /Console/Name, "SD9"
QueryToolsResult.txt (103.5KB) contains logs of some queries and the reply from SD9.

CombineLog.txt (3.3MB) contains logs of package sniffed between SD9 and Ipad when we operates.

For .NET developer who wants to explore further, I use this OSC library https://www.nuget.org/packages/Rug.Osc/.

I'm still working on a set of services and website that will allow me to control my console from any browser. Right now I manage to control Aux Send from each channel to the aux bus.

Will share more when I have time.