My new 600mm Hexacopter build log Part 1

I'm building a new Hexa frame for my APM2 board and I'm trying to log the building process. Bellow are the list of components use on my Hexacopter:

  1. Fiberglass 600mm Hexacopter Frame $90 from
  2. C2826-1000Kv EMP motors. $15 each from
  3. 30A ESC flashed with SimonK Firmware. $20 each from
  4. Roll & Pitch Camera Gymbal. $60 from
  5. Ardupilot APM2 flight controller. On promotion in for S$250
Parts that comes with the Frame:


Left & right legs attached to the bottom center plate.


All legs attached to the bottom center plate.


View from the bottom after attaching the bottom support bar.

30A ESCs stripped the cover and ready for flashing after replacing the cable to motor with longer ones.


Flashed ESC and wrapped again.


Put 4 escs on top of the bottom plate.


Another 2 escs on the bottom of the hexa.